Seamus Pictures

Seamus McBuh is a story about the world of light, the world of shadows and everything that encompasses them. It is about fear and about working through it to emerge on the other side of the darkness, vanquished.

Seamus McBuh is a boy who is afraid of shadows and the life buried within them. He is tormented by the moving dark around him. His thwarted attempts to escape the shapes of darkness plummet him into a space enveloping both light and dark. His journey is one of overcoming this fear and of working alongside those beings who frighten him the most in order to reestablish balance of the opposite yet complimentary worlds of light and dark.

Key illustrations, placed throughout the story, bring life to the printed pages and enforce the question as to whether things can be flat and still be alive.

Seamus McBuh is aimed for youth, aged 9-12 and can certainly be enjoyed by everybody that age and beyond. The nearly 9000 words of the story are accompanied by about a dozen illustrations that depict the magic of Seamus’s world and the world of shadows.

On Death's Behalf Pictures

On Death's Behalf tells the story of a being who wanders the space between life and death. He works for someone more powerful than him in order to take care of unfinished business on earth.

The first issue introduces his job and, although it seems like a very bureaucratic position, something odd is going on and he's curious as to what it all means.

On Death's Behalf 2 Pictures

The second issue of On Death's Behalf follows another mission in which the gangly employee of Death ventures out into the desert.

Before reaching his objective though, he discovers another anomaly in his dimension: another person whose time is yet to come.

Memopics–Artograms Pictures

Memopics–Artograms is one of our artistic collaborations, melding and intertwining the written word with drawn and painted art. For this project we each chose twenty-five pieces we had created over the previous few years and gave them to the other to enrich and complement.

Sibylle chose twenty-five pictures to which Allan wrote new poems, and he selected twenty-five original poems for Sibylle to illustrate. The total of fifty of each of the works were then kept in pairs, but rearranged to give the reader/viewer a flowing construct, which leaves it open for all to ask: “Which came first, the seed or the fruit?”

Metalepsy Comic Strip

For over two years now, we have been creating the story of Metalepsy. It’s a world where aliens are like humans and the humans aren’t necessarily Earthlings.

The weekly strip covers the grounds of politics, religion, consumerism and science. Every Monday it’s online and viewable at

Out of the over 100 comics that we’ve created up until now, we’ve put together a collection of our favorite 70 so far.

This is a revisiting, in order to allow our fans and new-comers alike to see in book form what has happened in Metalepsy since 2006.

We look forward to reading, along with our audience, what is going to happen to these so-called aliens, and we patiently anticipate what new worlds await us in the upcoming panels.