About Us

We are a seasoned team consisting of a writer and an illustrator. Our collaborations include various book projects that we have created and a selection of other projects that we have been tackling on a regular basis.

Beyond completing the first two episodes of a graphic novel, On Death’s Behalf, for years we created a weekly online comic strip, also called Metalepsy (metalepsy.net) which has long been read by faithful fans and new ones are always coming into the fold. We have also collaborated on a monthly literary zine called Fog-eared which celebrated and explored our old neighborhood in San Francisco, Cole Valley, where it was (and sometimes still is) available for free in cafés and other various local establishments.

Our most recent collaborations are an illustrated volume of poetry, Memopics–Artograms and an illustrated childrens’ book, Seamus McBuh aimed for the age of 9-12. We are currently polishing these manuscripts and will soon be in search of a publisher.

We're both constantly creating every chance we get. We'd love to hear from you!

Sibylle Dorr (formerly Manss)


Allan Dorr